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1-on-1 Online Classes in Real Time
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Learn what the top athletes of the UFC, MLB, NBA and NFL get when they work with ChefKas
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Turn nutrition into an asset, rather than a liability
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“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

Are you looking to improve your health? I offer online, 1-on-1 classes in real time where I teach you new skills such as:

  • Real foods, strategically times, prepared to perfection.
  • Learn what the top athletes of the UFC, MLB, NBA and NFL get when they work with ChefKas.
  • Learn which foods will make you perform, physically and mentally, at the highest level.
  • Receive custom food & nutrition strategies to suit your busy and demanding lifestyle.
  • Turn nutrition into an asset, rather than a liability.
  • Get Ongoing coaching and access to ChefKas to discuss all your challenges, pitfalls, wins and setbacks.

How It Works

You can request a tentative appointment in the calendar below. This does not guarantee a class, but I will do my best to fit your requested time slot.

My passion for food comes from my love of health. I have been working in both fitness and food for over 25 years, and it is my great pleasure to announce the merging of these two passions into one comprehensive program.

If you’re looking to shed some extra pounds, start a program that you won’t quit, and potentially get in the best health of your life, it would be my great honor to help you.

This 12 week program will not only get you into better shape, it will teach you the systems and strategies to make your health habits last a lifetime. I take a comprehensive approach to your health and well-being, from the fundamentals of healthy eating and cooking, to creating a basic fitness routine that is maintainable. I also aim to help you develop mindset and lifestyle habits that will help you break free of old patterns, and put you on a sustainable course to long term wellness.

I work with any and everyone, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all. I look forward to hearing from you and am excited about helping you achieve the health you’ve always desired.

Join my 12 Week Total Transformation program and unleash the best version of yourself and your health. I will support you with the knowledge, strategis, and systems I provide to the top athletes of the UFC, MLB, NFL, and NBA. One on one coaching and consulting with ChefKas can help you identify what’s working and what’s not, create maintable plans that produce results, and work through the inevitable gaps and obstacles that come up.

Contact me today to set up your initial consultation where we will discuss the best approach for you, as I work with each of my clients on a customized basis depending on their individual need. I guarantee results in whatever areas you are looking for (weight loss, increased energy, buidling musle, improved mental performance, or whatever else you may have in mind!).

I look forward to hearing from you, and am truly excited to help you accomplish a level of health, wellness, and performance that you may never have thought possible!


Happy to announce my first couple who have committed to the 12 Week #TotalTransformation Challenge with ChefKas! Michael and his wife are former military, who now have 3 kids and have let their habits slip away from them. They signed up for my program knowing they’re not interested in some short term solution, but rather a long term fix! The best part is they are all in and having their first in-person session with me on Saturday, already taking notes and changing their habits and lifestyle! I can’t wait to see what amazing results they will get!

Join the program!

My plan is designed to not only produce a short term result but rather long-term, lifestyle habit change and development. The total incorporation of food, nutrition, and cooking, along with fitness, training, discipline, routine, and mindset. Message me for more info or to get signed up. Current program is in beta testing and I am marking down the price significantly from when it will be offered in full!
  • 12 week program to totally transform your health, fitness, and wellbeing
  • Incorporates diet & nutrition, water, fitness, and mindset
  • Weekly accountability check in video calls, strategic weekly planning, and ongoing communication to ensure and improve execution as well as deal with troubleshooting
  • Guaranteed results if you stick to the program or your $ back
  • Optional “shortcut” to get this program for free with purchase of your own Leveluk K8 and ater alkalinizer and ionizer
  • Optional add ons: cooking classes,
  • Optional add on: online or in person training session

Use the form below to book a time slot. Note that this does not guarantee a class. We will get back to you soon!