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For elite level athletes and celebrities looking for a top level professional chef to provide a great experience, as well as expert level information, ChefKas understands the importance of his clients’ expectations and requests. With star clients from the NBA and UFC, to TV stars and media personalities, ChefKas is very familiar with the level of privacy and confidentiality working with these types of clients. Able to design menus and meals to fit any special diet or nutritional needs, ChefKas provides the highest level in personal attention, great service, with elite culinary and nutritional know how.


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MMA is one of the fastest growing professional sports with gyms opening up everywhere, especially, here in the Las Vegas area. Success in this sport heavily depends on two things your training, and how your body feels going into the fight post your week of cutting. Therefore, its important to have someone who well experienced in preparing all your meals for the one week where you need everything to go perfect. Not only does Chef Kas help you to make the cut, but helps you get back up to your fight weight and feeling nutritional refreshed as if there was no week of cutting weight. Contact us for our temporary free weight cut consultation.

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During “Season” most have access to the best trainers, dieticians, and manage to do pretty well meal plan wise. However, what is the first thing you do after your seasons done (let’s be optimistic)? You go directly to your favorite restaurant, or fast food place, and eat like you just discovered the place. Obviously, it is fine to indulge in good food after the season is over. You earned it. However, don’t let a fast food frenzy spill into your off-season diet. The off-season is the time to put on size with the majority of it being muscle, not fat. This is where Chef Kas has specific custom meal plans, dependent on your sport and off-season goals, and helps ensure you eat clean and beef up. Versus a diet composed of junk food or “dirty bulking” that will result in little muscle gain and plenty of fat storage.


Athletes buy fancy clothes and gear, hire personal trainers and coaches, and spend time and money on new, high-tech equipment. What they often disregard is their diet. Proper nutrition and hydration is essential for athletes seeking to attain success in their sport and to improve overall health. Both weekend warriors and world-class athletes alike should pay special attention to what they put in their bodies to enhance performance and results. Therefore, avoid going through the, more times then not, painful learning curve of proper nutrition for pro-am athletes and contact Chef Kas to put you on the proper meal plan.

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