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Boutique Catering

Business Gatherings, Parties, Luncheons

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Private Chef Experience

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The Top Private Chef For The Top Clientele

Chef Kas specializes in creating meals with the purpose of good taste, increasing physical performance, and sharpening mental focus. He works with several UFC fighters, NBA players, Celebrities, and Corporate Executives all who have in-depth understanding on what you put in your body directly relates to your physical and mental output. Chef Kas mission is to help everyone experience the benefits of performance foods.

What We Offer

Private Dinner Parties

Perfect for those seeking a top level Chef for Private Dinners bringing to you or in-house cooking options available.


Catering Services

Looking to make an impact on the Social Scene? Whatever your theme, we have a menu that fits your needs.

Nutritional Support Services

The Food that we eat alone does not supply us with the kind, quality, and levels of nutrients we need for optimal functionality. We are also constantly being inundated with environmental toxins and pollutants getting into our body on the surface and internally.

What Clients Say

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I’m Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars, and I know what stuff is worth, and this guy… Priceless!

Rick Harrison Pawn Stars

Hi, I’m Rory MacDonald, and I just want to say thanks to Chef Kas. I have been using him now for 3 or 4 fights, leading up the week to the fight, and he has been a great help to me. He’s a very focused individual and he shows a lot of dedication to what he does, and it shows in his product. I recommend that you use him.”

Rory MacDonald UFC Fighter

I hired Chef Kas as part of my training team to help me get into Optimal Condition during the NBA off-season. After trying Chef’s food for just 3 days I noticed a big difference in how I felt, and decided this is what and how I wanted to eat. Over the last 3 months I have seen some awesome results in both how I feel, how I perform, and how my body has developed.”

Arron Affalo Shooting Guard, Denver Nuggets

The Best Food

Chef Kas aims to provide you with delicious food that is also healthy and beneficial to your body. We have done catering events for businesses, parties and more.

Some of our previous clients

Chef Kas' Tips

Chef Kas is about clean eating and food for performance. In this segment he covers a vegetarian channa burger which is an asian inspired burger made with chickpeas inspired by Tandoori Chef frozen entrees.

Work With Us

Find out how we can work together to make your next gathering, party or meal successful!

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