About us

ChefKas LLC aims to be the next step in the development and evolution of the food and culinary industry. We recognize the need for convenient, relatively fast, nutritionally sound, delicious food, all at a reasonable price! We aim to supply that need through our prepared meal service, catering, and made to order. Our food is crafted with the intention of crossing at the peaks of nutrition and taste, while also providing the level of service and attention to detail found in high level cuisine.

Who is Chef Kas?


Holding multiple degrees, with both a Bachelors in Biology with a focus in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Emory University, and a degree in Culinary Arts from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York.

ChefKas has worked in some of the top restaurants in New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Mexico City. His travels span the globe including over two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Southeast Asia, plus extensive time in Brazil, Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East. All of his adventures have helped develop his palate and culinary experiences.

Raised on meticulously prepared cuisine – mostly by his Grandma Bubbles – Adam, the future Chef Kas, developed a discerning palate for well-prepared food at a very young age. Most 10 year olds had no idea what a perfectly cooked lamb chop or duck breast tasted like. A high standard for what food should – or at least could taste like – was developed in during these formative years. Later on, Chef Kas would have experience dining at the finest restaurants in the world. His Grandmother’s food would always be the best.

It was between the ages of 10 and 13 when Dr. Lee Kaswiner, father of Chef Kas started to bring healthy eating, exercise, and nutrition into the home. Strange products like MetRx and whole wheat pasta began to appear. Adam became intrigued. It was not long after that he took to reshaping his own diet, and doing research from which to base his nutritional choices. It seems like every food philosophy Chef Kas immersed into became a far-reaching food trend in the near future. It was also from these experiences that he learned not to base diet solely on trend, but more importantly, on one’s own body.

During the next phase of his life, the young adult years, Chef Kas involved himself heavily in fitness and nutrition, while also experimenting in the kitchen as a sort of modern day epicurean mad scientist. Both the kitchen and gym served as outlets for productive creative energy. Chef Kas has always had a great deal of energy.*

A third influence and perspective came into play as Chef Kas was stripped of his comfort zone and immersed into other worlds and cultures. These experiences commenced at age 16, when Adam participated in a students abroad program in Ecuador. The first contact with another world opened his eyes greatly, and it was almost as if everything he thought he knew was brought into question. Yet upon returning to the States everything was different, never to be exactly the same.

Adam traveled to Singapore, toured a good deal of Eastern and Western Europe, completed his Peace Corps service of 27 months in Bangladesh during which he also traveled to Thailand (twice) and Burma. After his service he traveled through India and Nepal for another 6 weeks. His return to the mainland US in January 2006 was not for long as he then left for a residency on The Big Island of Hawaii, where he worked in the kitchen at Kalani H’onua, or “Heaven on Earth.”

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