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    I am not here to tell you how to eat. I am here so you can learn how to eat.

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    Creating good food requires two things above all else – time and attention.

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    To function in this life we must learn what works for us. Sometimes we toss all our desires away and just sustain, just survive.

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    Food can be difficult to enjoy because we have been trained all our lives how and what to eat. And that training has not always had our optimal awesomeness in mind.

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Custom Cuisine Delivered

Custom Cuisine Delivered

5 Star Dining at Home.
The perfect choice for your fast and on-the-go lifestyle.

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Coaching and Classes

Coaching and Classes

Personal Sessions, Cooking Classes, Workshops & Education.
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The Road to Awesome

The Road to Awesome

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Who is Chef Kas?

Chef Kas

Chef Kas

ChefKas cooks “Food for Awesomeness”, because healthy is boring.

ChefKas holds multiple degrees, with both a Bachelors in Biology with a focus in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Emory University, and a degree in Culinary Arts from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York.

ChefKas has worked in some of the top restaurants in New York, Boston, Atlanta, and Mexico City. His travels span the globe including over two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Southeast Asia, plus extensive time in Brazil, Europe, East Asia, and the Middle East. All of his adventures have helped develop his palate and culinary experiences.

Clients of Custom Cuisine Las Vegas range from poker players, to doctors, to business people, and just about anyone who desires greater energy, health, focus, and happiness.

Anyone who could use a new boost in their life, or would like to “Outsource their health” should work with ChefKas.

Most Recent

Szechuan Turkey Soba Vegetable Stir Fry

Szechuan Turkey Soba Vegetable Stir Fry

Put about 2tbs of sesame oil in a large sauté pan over medium-hi heat. Let pan get hot then drop in ground turkey, cumin powder and pepper. Stir and cover. Occasionally add sesame oil to develop color.